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Automatic Stripping Machine

Automatic Stripping Machine


The whole set of automatic stripping machine consists of multi-functional crane, automatic stripper units, conveyor line, stripping unit, brake device, transfer conveyor&piler, weighing& lifting&piler transfer devicecatch cleaning unit automatic cathode scourer units, anode truck, anode flattening machine and cleaning system. Automatic stripper is a mechanical, electronic-controlled, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. 
We have developed zinc stripping technology and we have installed a prototype of zinc stripping machine in Yunnan. The technical indexes of this prototype have been tested and reached equal level of stripping machine of Paul Wurth or Mesco. 

Performance of Automatic Stripping Machine
1. Fully automated unit integrating mechanical hydraulic pressure and electric.
Simple design, easy operation, low failure.
2. Design capacity: 700p/h, actual processing capacity of 600 p/h.
3. Reasonable design of mechanical structure, ingenious design, many structures have great improvements than traditional units, parts in contact with acid liquor adopt 316L(316L uses custom-made sectional materials).
4. The hydraulic system uses Rexroth products, multiple parts use an electro-hydraulic proportional control system, for units with high standards for the reliability of hydraulic units choose the most advanced threaded cartridge valves.
5. The electrical system uses Siemens components, SIMENS S7 300 /1500  PLC programming device, LCD touch screen, Windows operation interface, which can have data communication with upper computers.
6. Packing: Whole set in Nude Cargo

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