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Wheel Drilling Jumbo

The wheel drilling jumbo is mainly used in mining, metallurgy and other departme......

Crawler Drilling Jumbo

The crawler drilling jumbo is a kind of tunnel crawler jumbo mainly utilized in ......

Wheel Mucking Loader

The wheel mucking loader, also known as wheel haggloader or wheel tunnel excavat......

Crawler Mucking Loader

The crawler mucking loader is also called crawler haggloader or slagging off mac......

Side Dumping Wagon

Side dumping wagon is typically used in mining field. During the operation of th......

Bottom Dumping Wagon

Bottom dumping wagon is a kind of mining wagon, which is typically used in minin......

Development and Haulage System Engineering

Development and Haulage System Engineering


Underground mine haulage systems use multiple axles of standard tyres, which are readily available, easily handled and fitted, and economical. An innovative, low-cost haulage system for underground mining applications, providing a cost effective, more productive, and more flexible alternative to conventional underground mining trucks
The mining haulage equipment is mainly used in underground mine haulage system, and it is critical equipment for underground mining field. It features high capacity, low operating cost and a wide range of machine configurations, and it is can be used in various mining industries. 

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