Boltless Panel Roll Forming Machine,Roof and Wall Roll Former

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YX71-380-760 Roll Former

YX71-380-760 Roll Former


Type: YX71-380-760

Boltless panel produced by boltless panel roll forming machine is locked up not by screws but by simply manual pincer and electric seaming machine. It can be easily install and look concise and beautiful. Whole producing line component includes decoiler (manual or hydra type to choose), main forming machine, hydra cutting device, PLC control system, produce rack-manual pincer.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameters of Boltless Panel Roll Forming Machine

Suitable Material
Material 1000mm
Effective 760mm
Material Thickness 0.3-0.8/0.4-0.6mm
Material Type Galvanized Steel Strip, Prepainted Galvanised Steel
Yield Strength 245Mpa
Main Machine of Roof and Wall Roll Former
Size shaft diameter 75mm(65mm)
Wall Panel Thickness 18mm(14mm)
Base Specification H396×199(H346×174)
Machine Weight 8500KG(7500KG)
Main Motor of boltless panel roll forming machine 7.5kW/5.5kW
Forming Speed 0-24mm/min
Forming Station 22/20 Stations
Blade Material Cr12(Die Steel)
Roller Material 45# steel, CNC lathes, Heat Treated, hard Chrome Coated
Mode of Speed Regulation AC Inverter Speed Regulation
Driving Mode Reduction Motor + Chain Transmission
Cutting Mode Hydraulic Type、Post-cutting
Cutting Motor Hydraulic motor, 3.0kW(2.2kW)
Measuring Mode Photoelectric Encoder
Control Mode PLC
Operation Mode Button+Touch Screen

Working Process

Roof and Wall Roll Former

Cutter Install

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